Wheelbarrow Tires

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Wheelbarrow Tires

When there is heavy work to be done, Carlisle Wheelbarrow, ribbed and smooth, tires make optimum contact with various work surfaces for easy flowing traction and rolling.

These are the classic rib tires for lawn carts, spreaders, and wheelbarrows.

They also work smoothly as wide-flotation tires for on-site transportation.

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SKU Size Name Price Quantity Add to Cart
513-4371  4.00-6 Carlisle 4.00-6 Wheelbarrow Tires $27.17
513-4511  4.80-8 Carlisle 4.80-8 Wheelbarrow Tires 2 ply $30.50
513-0511  4.80-8 Carlisle 4.80-8 Wheelbarrow Tires 4 ply $39.36


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