Ultra Trac Turf Tires

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Ultra Trac Turf Tires

Ultra Trac

Carlisle Ultra Trac lawn tires are used on large lawn equipment. Ultra Trac tires are most often utilized on golf and grounds maintenance equipment.

Ultra Tracs are wide with a flat footprint distributing the weight evenly, resulting in low ground pressure and good traction while preserving the turf.

This lawn tire by Carlisle comes in 4, 6, and 12 ply and several popular sizes. That means this Ultra “tough” tire can be used for heavy duty work such as clearing pastures.

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SKU Size Name Price Quantity Add to Cart
529-368  24-13.00-12 Ultra Trac Tire 24x13-12, 4 ply Garden Tractor Tire $192.31
529-387  24-13.00-12 Ultra Trac Tire 24x13-13, 6 ply Garden Tractor Tire $217.92
529-386  26.5-14.00-12 Ultra Trac Tire 26.5x14-12, 4 ply Garden Tractor Tire $231.07
529-3E6  29-14.00-15 Ultra Trac Tire 29x14-15, 6 ply Garden Tractor Tire $419.50


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