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Turf Tamer ATV Tires

Turf Tamer ATV Tires

Turf Tamer ATV tires are a favorite among racers, due to their lightweight construction, giving you a tire that's fast, and a one of a kind tread design that provides great traction.

It can also be used on the farm, in the field, and for utility carts and go karts.

The uniquely designed lugs are spaced just far apart to offer great traction, and the consistent tread pattern offers a smooth ride and predictable steering.

Available in several sizes for front or rear.

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SKU Size Name Price Quantity Add to Cart
55U-3B9  22.5-10-8 Turf Tamer ATV Tire 22.5-10-8 Titan / Carlisle 3* Ply $114.97
55U-3C7  22.5-10.00-8 Turf Tamer ATV Tire 22.5-10.00-8 Titan / Carlisle 4 Ply NHS $131.76
55U-373  25-12-9 Turf Tamer ATV Tire 25-12-9 Titan / Carlisle 3* Ply $153.35


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