Carlisle Tour Max Golf Cart Tires

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Tour Max Golf Cart Tires

Tour Max

The Carlisle Tour Max is the upscale choice for golf carts and closed community utility vehicles.

A tubeless tire at home on the golf course as well as a wide-flotation tire for on-site transport on heavy duty jobs.

The tread pattern, rubber compound, and tire construction provide maximum durability, and ride comfort on hard surface paths.

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SKU Size Name Price Quantity Add to Cart
6L02221  18-8.5-8 Carlisle Tour Max 18-8.50-8 Golf Cart Tires 4 Ply $79.99
519-148  18.5-8.5R8 Carlisle Tour Max 18.5-8.5R8 Golf Cart Tires 4 Ply $79.99
519-146  205/50-10 Carlisle Tour Max 205/50-10 Golf Cart Tires B Ply $95.20


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