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AT489 ATV Tires

489 XT

The Titan 489 XT ATV tire is an OE replacement tire built for shock absorption and traction in a variety of conditions.

A lightweight 6-ply with deep, wide lugs that comes in lots of sizes.

Superior cleanout.

This tire is available for both front and rear placement.

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SKU Size Name Price Quantity Add to Cart
411-327  23-10.00-10 Carlisle / Titan AT489 XT ATV Tire 23-10-10, 6 ply $100.13
411-3A9  24-9.00-11 Carlisle / Titan AT489 XT ATV Tire 24-9-11 6 ply $105.84


Very similar tread pattern to the popular Carlisle AT489, but only with deeper lugs and a V like tread design that is more aggressive for mud and snow. The Titan 489 XT ATV Tires come in 6 ply construction. If you need a very heavy quad tire that will uphold through the abuse your ATV wages upon it, the 489 XT just might be for you!

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