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Rib Tires

Classic Rib

Carlisle Classic Rib tires take a sure-footed load without wear and tear on the fairway and ride smoothly on paved paths. Great for ZTR, golf and other applications.

They withstand long hours of cutting, with no trace of their path. Larger sizes are available for golf and grounds maintenance equipment.

The tread design also works smoothly as a wide-flotation tire for on-site transport on heavy-duty jobs.

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SKU Size Name Price Quantity Add to Cart
518-186  13-6.50-6 Carlisle Rib 13-6.50-6 Rib and Implement Tires 4 Ply $38.32
518-249  4.00-9 Carlisle Rib 4.00-9 Rib and Implement Tires 4 Ply (TT) $55.00
518-081  18-9.50-8 Carlisle Rib 18-9.50-8 Rib and Implement Tires 4 Ply $74.62
518-277  4.00-12 Carlisle Rib 4.00-12 Rib and Implement Tires 4 Ply (TT) $57.55


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