Ground Force GSE Tires

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Ground Force GSE Tires

Ground Force

The Carlisle Ground Force Ultra Rib GSE tire is specially designed for use on airport support equipment.

Ground Force tires combine a sturdy rib tread pattern, extra tread depth, and premium tread compounding for durability and wear.

Built-in rim guard for maximum wheel protection.

8-10 ply rated.

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SKU Size Name Price Quantity Add to Cart
52N-242  4.80-8 Carlisle Ground Force GSE 4.80-8 INDUSTRIAL TIRES 8 Ply (TT) $93.50
52N-263  6.50-10 Carlisle Ground Force GSE 6.50-10 INDUSTRIAL TIRES 10 Ply (TT) $212.29
52N-260  6.90-9 Carlisle Ground Force GSE 6.90-9 INDUSTRIAL TIRES 10 Ply (TT) $189.38


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