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Farm Specialist

Carlisles Farm Specialist tires are a general all purpose tractor tire for multiple soil conditions. The broad shouldered design of this tire provides excellent traction on turf and grass with minimal lawn wear.

Used for riding mowers, riding tractors, snow thrower and tiller, and utility carts.

Over lapping lugs for optimum road usage and to minimize vehicle vibration.

Extra reinforced Lug bracing designed to endure demanding field service conditions.


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SKU Size Name Price Quantity Add to Cart
570-030  6-12 Carlisle Farm Specialist 6-12 Trencher Tires 6 Ply $96.48
570-000  7-14 Carlisle Farm Specialist 7-14 Trencher Tires 6 Ply $117.77
570-002  8-16 Carlisle Farm Specialist 8-16 Trencher Tires 6 Ply $143.74
570-004  8.3-24 Carlisle Farm Specialist 8.3-24 Trencher Tires 6 Ply $279.77
570-007  12.4-24 Carlisle Farm Specialist 12.4-24 Trencher Tires 4 Ply $337.33


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