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black rock atv tires

Black Rock ATV tires

Carlisle Black Rock ATV tires are the perfect upgrades for your quad, with their unique lug pattern that offers great traction and bite in even the gnarliest of terrain. The broadly spaced lugs provide better cleanout and the rounded contour offers exact turning.

Designed for balancing ride quality with aggressive tread depth and void areas for increased traction.

Available in both front and back applications.

6-ply rated.

Made in the U.S.A.

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SKU Size Name Price Quantity Add to Cart
560-539  26-9.00-12 Carlisle Black Rock 26-9.00-12 ATV Tires 6 Ply $165.12
560-538  25-8.00-12 Carlisle Black Rock 25-8.00-12 ATV Tires 6 Ply $143.23
560-541  26-11.00-12 Carlisle Black Rock 26-11.00-12 ATV Tires 6 Ply $187.51
560-577  27-9.00-14 Carlisle Black Rock 27-9.00-14 ATV Tires 6 Ply $165.65
560-540  25-10.00-12 Carlisle Black Rock 25-10.00-12 ATV Tires 6 Ply $156.40


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